Process Technologies Ltd (Concern)

Process Technologies Ltd. is a concern of Maeashah Consulting & Engineering Systems.

Process Technologies Ltd. offers the following works.

  • Supply Low and Medium Voltage Component.
  • Supply PLC, Controlling, Measuring and Monitoring Component.
  • Supply Frequency Drive and Soft starter.
  • Industrial Automation Work.
  • Supply Complete Substation.
  • HVAC Supply and Ducting Work
  • HVAC( Chiller, AHU & Dehumidifier) Repair and Maintenance with Room Validation and calibration.
  • Steam pipe line Making, Boiler decaling and Condensate Recovery System.
  • TPM and KAIZEN.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Technology.
  • Repair and maintenance of electro-mechanical industrial production machinery & equipment.
  • Industrial electrical wiring.
  • Safety & health checkup of production machinery.




Pharmaceutical Production Machinery